The International Racing Club

We will have horses in training throughout the year on the flat, as well as having a creative and informative website with daily news, stories and regular updates from our trainers as well as our racing journalists. By using either your phone, tablet or PC; or actually being with us at the races, you will have the same exclusive access to our trainer’s thoughts and race plans.

The idea being that whether you’re in the office, on the train, at university or simply in your armchair at home, you can be in touch and involved in the Club.
What people are saying about the BRC:

“The most important thing in buying a horse is not the ownership but the experiences watching your horse run and sharing with you fellow owners.
Getting into racing with Joao came with guidance, advice and fun days out.
If you want great memorable experiences get into racing.” Roy Matterson – Owner

“A great way to be involved with quality people at a very affordable price, wherever you reside in the world.” Peter Trott – Owner

Join us to cheer on all the club horses in their Red, Green, Blue and Black Silks!

Our Story

· Every time a Club horse runs we have a ticket, which includes free admission into the racecourse, entry into the parade ring (and hopefully the winner’s enclosure). Of course, as an owner you will meet the trainer or their representative as well as jockey before and after the race. There are plenty of opportunities to go racing with the Club and most of the time an opportunity to bring along a guest for free.

· Regular Stable Visits to the club’s Trainers. All members are welcome.

· Live Racing Paddock Picks at the main Racing Festivals from one of the best racehorse judges in the country, published on the website before every race.


· Any prize money won by the Racing Clubs’ horses will be determined by National Horse Racing Authority, and the Horseracing Industry’s administrators, this money will then be offset by any VAT, racing administration fees such as entry, declaration, supplementary and administration costs, transport fees and any miscellaneous training fees from The Jockey Club. After these deductions the prize money fund will be held on behalf of the members by the Club before distribution on a quarterly basis.
· Membership of the Club is for entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity and should not be considered so.
. Membership will be by shares of 8% each in a horse and 12 shares available in any horse on offer. Training fees are included in this cost for a period of one or two years depending on the Horse purchased.
· Members will not be liable for any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, regardless what costs the Club may incur. The only cost is Vets fees that are outside of Life-saving, and critical care for the Horse. All vets fees will be deducted from winning on a pro rata basis.
. 8 % of all stakes earned will be deducted from the winnings and used as an administrative cost of the Club.
· Membership of the Club can be purchased for yourself or it could be an innovative gift for someone else!

Our Mission

Re-defining your Racing Experience

We measure our success, not only on the performance of our horses, but equally through the enjoyment and experience we deliver to our owners globally.